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Monday 24th Jul

Information FAQ.

Swfcabin is a swf publishing tool. Built from the ground up we use very simple structure to how we get your swf-s online. Each file is given a unique ID timestamp linking all your file details together on a simple page.

SwfCabin automatically detects the dimensions of your swf-s and codes a page for to fit it properly to the values taken when we analyzed the file on upload.

There are two other main features which are voting, and searching, by default both options are turned off, you have an option of turning them on when you�re uploading. Voting adds vote buttons on the bottom of the view page this in turn allows visitors to vote on material. It uses an Ajax based system so the browser is never reloaded when a vote is submitted. Searching allows people to use our search engine to locate files which have been granted permission to be included into search results, this may be useful if you are trying to find your file at a later date.

Programmed and developed by Adam Davis
SwfObject - http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/
Butterflies used on demo page - http://www.batteryhead.com/

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